2017-02-12 22:22:00
If you want to review the Coalition COTG Fittings, but find the forum a little difficult, then look no further. I've loaded the Fittings on the forum into 6 private chat channels where the MOTD lists the fittings for each doctorine. Browse, and save them to your Corp or Personal fittings. The forum URLs are linked, and these also contain notes about alternate fittings, e.g. HML instead of RLM etc.

MOA GOTG Fittings1 CTA Sailboats Tengus
MOA GOTG Fittings2 CTA AHAC6.0
MOA GOTG Fittings3 CTA Tuna Machariels
MOA GOTG Fittings4 Roaming Ferox
MOA GOTG Fittings5 Roaming JackArmy
MOA GOTG Fittings6 Roaming Cerberus

We'll give it some more time before we look at stocking and contract fittings, but this will give us the general direction. Beyond this, Ceptors are used a lot.


semoon47 / Piemaker Merc
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