2017-02-13 01:21:00
o7 Poples!
Its time again, for another lovely fireside chat, keeping everyone up to date on happenings in the Empire. But this letter will have to do for now. Lots has been going on, and we have great things in the works!

Our biggest news revolves around Nullsec. As you know, we have had acccess to a pocket of HADES' space, which is a lot nicer than the name would imply. Its warm, not hot, and has very few damned souls flying around, mostly due to the fact that we recently blued the entire East of New Eden. 53 alliances blue, and covering an area from NE drone regions, down to Great Wildlands. That said, we dont know accurately how many have actually returned the blue. it takes a while, and some move faster than others. So first SOP of nullsec, is if someone is blue DO NOT ENGAGE unless fired on first. That causes incidents, and we dont need those. That said, if fired upon, feel free to fight back, but no crying or raging. Shit happens, put on your big girl panties, a GF in local, and forward the details, logs, and screenshots on to the diplo team. We will deal with it from there, and probably get you SRP promptly.

Speaking of SRP, I will have free Gate to Wealth - Alpha in our nullsec base for our new explorers. once you get out there, They will be in the Gold Angels corp hangars, which any GA member can get for you. if not, mail me, and I'll get a contract up. There is seriously good isk out there for someone a few weeks old, and barring that, we have mining ops which will be forming SoonTM. I will also be keeping Magnates in Penirgman V - Moon 1
- Theology Council Tribunal
in the same hangar for our highsec acolytes.

With Valentine's Day coming up there will be a lot going on! The biggest is the Guardian's Gala event, with Angel and Serpentis sites coming up all over the cluster, with rewards of "Boosters" of unknown effect, and most excitingly, Gallente ship skins! These should prove very profitable, if the Amarr skin events were any indication. So if you can fly combat ships, get out there and go for it! I'll experiment with fits as time goes on, but if they're similar to the last events, you shouldn't need too much to run them. The Pathfinder - Alpha fit should work okay, just swap hardeners around for Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive damage.

I also would like to ask for anyone with an interest in FCing a roam to get in touch with me. I would like to see one of my people take a public roam out on Tuesday as a sort of Valentine's Day Massacre. If I get interest, I'll write some publicity, and get people going on it. I cant get out much due to kids, work, and other such distractions, but I want to coordinate with some ambitious leaders to get more pvp activity going. If you have any interest, I can help teach you, and give you the support of our industrial empire with ships, fits, and logistics.

Fly safe poples, and as always, Answer all calls. Especially those which require love. And by love....
...I mean Lasers.
Verdis deMosays
Cardinal of Exploration/PvP/
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