2017-02-14 01:40:00
We got recruited by Provi Bloc. lol

Alliance Offer
From: Diremaulle
Sent: 2017.02.14 01:06
To: Talon Draygo,

Hello -

Just wanted to take a minute to see if you'd be interested in an offer to join The Explicit Alliance. We are a medium sized PVP corporation that, as you can see from the link, operates out of Perrigen Falls and The Spire. I see your corp and alliance is currently doing your own thing, and that you have an impressive killboard. Few alliances our size can offer what we offer. This includes:

- An Online Supply Store - by simply following this link you can go directly to our web based supply store and purchase anything offered in Jita. Within 2-7 days, all those items are then delivered directly into our systems of operation. No more having to run back and forth to high sec to get the items you need. You can even purchase the exact ship and fittings needed to fly alliance doctrine ships with 1 click!

- Alliance Buyback - pretty self explainatory, but the alliance will buy-back any items you've purchased of use to the alliance and this is all web based as well

- Alliance Courier Service - have items already in high sec that you want shipped out? Purchase something that you don't feel like moving? We'll move it for you at a reasonable rate provided it's in one of our staging systems.

In addition to this, we are serious about our PVP. All members are on comms (Mumble) when in game, and ops are sent to all players in-game and out-of-game via Discord. Further communications are done through our alliance forums, and all members are also thorougly checked before membership via full corp and member api checks. Furthermore, for newer players we offer a skill training guide that interfaces directly with EveMon to make sure all players skill are up to alliance standards. All this, and everything else I've listed, is done with no corp dues or membership fees owed to the alliance!

So, if you're looking to offer your corp a little more, and are willing to play on a team with highly skilled professional PVP'ers - this may be exactly what you're looking for!!

Hope I've interested you! Hit me up or anyone listed in our alliance description if you have any questions. Hope to hear from you soon!

- Diremaulle
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