2017-02-16 15:24:00
Good morning, afternoon, evening,

Many of you know me, be that from the last few years in alliance or my eve-radio show. My corporation is one that is focused mostly on PVP aspects on the game and most are also self sufficient. We have a few pilots with in our ranks (30ish total) that DO npc for isk for pvp and ops. this count is normally ONE pilot and sometimes a few others, but on Average ONE.

The reason i'm writing this message as i have been frustrated lately. That i log online to hear that my pilot has been treated like shit because they are in a system killing rats. Chased off like they don't have a "right' to be there. WTF is this shit. I have one fucking pilot out of 30 that wants to NPC i one of the 6-7 system we can use and he is told he can't?!??! wtf is this horse shit. He is not stealing anoms or acting like an ass so what gives?

If we are going to start marking of territory people can and can't be in it's going to run REALLY thin in 6-7 systems. IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH ONE OF MY PILOTS TALK TO ME or REN.

If there is some moronic rule of this system belongs to these or these people then made it be known, however stupid and alliance breaking it is.

I wish i could say this was random pilot that behaved this way to our pilot, but it wasnt it was admins of that corp from what I know.

Thanks for your time as this doesn't involve many of you, but then again if your out NPCing it could be an issue if you have no place to do so or ran off my your own alliance mates.

Lt Kalp, Joke, Sainus any of these guys can convo me and explain the issues, I was supposed to be contacted and yet to get a convo or one accepted.

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