2017-02-16 17:30:00
Hello again... :P

I wanted to let you know that shortly after my mail the issue was solved very quickly. Myself and other CEO's along with GEN/Joke/Klap made a swift resolution and clearing up of any issues in regards to system use.

When We examined things it was really part of not communicating or TZ so different it was tough to communicate between corp admins. We made sure a few checks and balances were in and everyone was hapy with those.

Thanks to our outstanding leadership and MOA pilots for being understanding and working with eachother even when we are having a good or bad day. That is what makes us different in this day and age!

Thankyou for your time and I apologize for taking timeand alliance mail space,next time i will be more directed and private with my issues as one should be.

Fly safe, Fly well and kill shit.

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