2017-02-17 01:33:00

It has been decided that the alliance should adopt one standing fleet as opposed to multiple "standing" fleets. There was a discussion with a few members on this and it is a solid practice. It's a "no brainer" really. I have included a basic outline of what the MOTD should have in it. Anyone is welcome to start the fleet. Please make sure you have some sort of MOTD that is close to the one I post in this mail. Also, open the fleet up with free move on and open up as many squads and wings as your skills allow.

Sample MOTD:

Official Mordus Angels "Standing" Fleet...if you are proper Slav, it is ok to squat... but make sure it is proper squat...heals touching ground for best balance... sitting is fine too...

Standing Orders

If you are going to do ratting in belts or in the anomolies, please watch Intel and keep posting intel if you see it.

If you are using a Carrier, same rule applies, but make sure you have an exit cyno and/or aligned to a station/proper citadel. Keep a cyno FITTED on your Carrier and make sure you have Liquid Ozone.

Rorquals are hereby "unauthorized" from use until the Alliance deems fit. There is a hard timetable on this, it is not a "forever" thing.. We must wait for certain Strategic Levels to be achieved. Industrialists, please use the Orca/Porpoise/Barges etc...


Please have scouts in VFK-IV and 8S28-3. This gives intel on both ends of the pipe and gives us time to retreat/form. 3QE-9Q is also a great place to put eyes.

Intel Channel: GOTG_Intel

Fleet Structure

If you are Mining, please use Wing 2.
If you are Anomoly/Ratting/Etc please use Wing 1.

Questions or concerns, please mail me or private convo. Everything can be up for discussion!

Thank you!

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