2017-02-17 19:31:00
As some of you may not read OOG stuff and follow the meta, I am writing this directly in hope that it will be helpful to some.

In the past months Rorqual mining has become popular for obvious reasons, but it has an equally obvious downside - in industrial mode you are stuck for five minutes. If you are unlucky, it can happen even with the best preparation that you get tackled by the various reds and hostile neutral alts.

Here, there are two things to consider: First, I am not an expert on Rorqual fittings, but i would urge you to consider not only maximum mining yield, but also survivability/PvP when fitting your ship - i.e. a strong tank, possibly a cyno, possibly a Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core etc. You may not always receive help, but it increases its chance if you can survive as long as possible to give that help a chance to prepare properly. Remember to also immediately and clearly communicate your problem, including your location, the enemies present, whether you can cyno in capitals, how your tank is holding etc.

Second, the Excavator drones are one of the most expensive parts of your Rorqual fit, and you will generally be using five. In case you lose your Rorqual, you can save these by using a 'Wetu' Mobile Depot to store them (a normal depot doesn't have the capacity for all five). If you get tackled, then you simply scoop your drones and drag them over to the depot, and they are safe as the hostiles can only reinforce it, but not kill it; and you can just pick them up later.

However, you need to have the depot set up BEFOREHAND and be in item move range of it. This is because if you only start anchoring it once the reds are already on field, they will most certainly immediately shoot it, and in the one minute anchoring phase it is still killable and has very little HP.
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