2017-02-18 23:45:00
24.02.2017 in 17:00 ET in 9OLQ-6* - A.P.E.X hosting PvP tournament!


There is two categories:
1. 1vs1
2. Massive fight

1vs1: shootout battle with tournament grid.
Massive fight: Every man for himself. Fight to the last.

You take score only for destroyed ships.
Capsules can be killed.
Loot goes to winner.
Any complaints about ships. loot or capsules getting killed will not accepted.

There will be build special arena for this tournament consist Mobile Large Warp Disruptor I* on spot in 9OLQ-6* . It is forbidden to leave the area of arena. Pilot who leave this area considered as loser. Also there will be starting points ( Mobile Depot* ). Fight starts on command. All pilots must be in one fleet (Tournament).

Prize fund. Will consisted of all raised money for this tournament plus additional reward from A.P.E.X corporation and other possible sponsors of this tournament. It is now starting from 1B ISK.

If you want to join this tournament, you need to send mail to STAREC rus with your ships and transfer 50M ISK with reason Tournament (all money goes to prize fund!).
You can join tournament until 22.02.2017 (incl).

23.02.2017 you will recieve mail with list of participants and their ships.

Ships. In this tournament you can bring only t1 cruisers. It is forbidden to use all faction and pirate ships AND Blackbird* !
You need TWO (2) ships for this tournament: one for "1vs1" and other for "Massive fight", both you need to mark in your mail.

Fit: You can use any fits you want, no exceptions.
Capsule: You can use any implants you want.
Fight continues until enemy ship will be destroyed.

Before tournament starts, all pilots need in advance prepare and bring their ships to 9OLQ-6 V - Pat's pleasure palace station and join Tournament fleet. You will find TS address in fleet chat MotD.

Special message to corporations. If you interested in sponsoring this event (tournament) for raising prize fund please contact STANiiliynys (RUS) or DemianS (ENG), with convo or mail.

Also there will be video recording and stream on Twitch.

Fly Safe and Good Luck!
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