2017-02-19 06:13:00
o7 all! So..we are finally getting things sorted here in high sec. Yes, we have many war decs. I know some of you are discouraged, especially those of you who like to mine. I have good news! We will be conducting mining ops soon. And you will have some serious blingy ships defending you while you mine. These ships will engage any war targets that come can keep mining.

In other news..CODE is actually folding.. apparently the second in command of code, has stolen 500 bil worth of assets. They are dying, which i think will affect our buddy karak, since his main is in code, and i bet thats where his isk comes from.

Either way.. Karak's life will be harder now. we have people to fight him, he will lose isk..and he will lose these systems to roam in. Stay vigilant, be smart, dont let him kill you...and for gods sake, carry ecm drones, and use them if you are caught alone by him.

Fly safe!
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