2017-02-21 17:23:00
as I have run up a 18bn isk debt buying Excavators and can't use them for 3 weeks... I need to get rid of Combat HIC inventory fast!! I mean I love FCing you people so much, I am taking out several fleets this week :D :D


Tuesday 1930 Evetime = 1:30pm USA CST Tuesday
Wednesday 0200 Evetime = 8pm USA CST Tuesday night

Thursday 0200 Evetime = 8pm USA CST Wednesday night

Thursday 1930 Evetime = 1:30pm USA CST Thursday

Friday Night Lights 0400 Evetime Saturday = 10pm USA CST Friday night

Ships are NOT on contract and will be provided for Jita cost and no fuel markup at the beginning of fleet.
See forums for more details and shiptypes.
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