2017-02-22 18:49:00
Hey Wangadets

Over the last several weeks we have been working on some back end changes to how we do stuff. The biggest of them is utilizing a new authenticator called Auth. Some of you are probably familiar with this because Snuff uses it to grant access to Teamspeak. We will be using this very much the exact same way and then some. Another of these changes we will be making is the transition to Discord which also works with Auth. For those of you who don't know discord is very similar to slack but geared more towards gamers.

With all of that being said what does that mean for you as a Wangadet? Well it's pretty simple, register with Auth and set up your services. After that you are done! This should take no more than 5-10 minutes.

For directions on what to do please visit the Wiki and check out the section on Auth.

A few final things:
Please do not try and set this up 5 minutes before a fleet just incase there is some form of a problem.
If you are having issues and or questions please contact me (Papa Bearfish) first then other members of leadership from there.
No one likes change but it is necessary as we grow and evolve, feedback is ALWAYS welcome and greatly appreciated. But if you would like to just bitch please visit the Wiki and see the section on where to shove it.
Failure to have made the switch over by the deadline will mean you no longer have Teamspeak access or Slack access. Simple fix, get registered.
If for some reason you are unable to access the Auth website because of 503 or other error please try again in 5-10mins. If after an hour it is still down please let leadership know and we will address it.
Additional updates will be made along the way which as always have the possibility to temporarily make things wonky. We will keep you apprised to these changes as they come.

We will have some growing pains just like with anything else so just bare with us.

The deadline for all of this will be 3/1/17 by 00:00 eve time. (You will not be able to sign into TS3 or Discord unless you get this done!!!)

Thank you and keep being awesome!

Papa Bearfish and the WANGS Management Team!
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