2017-02-24 00:36:00
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

All CEOs that are planning on moving their Corps to the new location please reply to me and let me know that you are going -- As Soon As Possible --

All CEOs that are NOT wanting to take their Corps -- Good Luck in all your new adventures and thanks for joining the Ironworks Alliance. We hope you have a better life moving forward in whatever direction you so see fit. We enjoyed having you and look forward to flying with you again in the near spacy future.

Ironworks will not be renewing T-IDGH system come March 2017 unless something unforeseen happens.
However Tri. has granted us permission to stay one more month if we need to (we will have to pay rent), but we would like to move on by the end of February.

We are moving all things to a specific location and that location will be given out to each Corp when they reply to me letting me know that they are coming with us.

Let's get our stuff moved asap so we can have fun again.
All Courier Contracts should be set up to this station that is posted on the forums. It is the halfway point and it's a safe location as it's in low sec, just incase something goes wonko on us. Moving from here to our final destination will be easy.

Again thanks for your time.
Let's Get to Moving!!!
Lots to do, and so little time.
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