2017-02-26 14:46:00
hello ladies and gentlemen

our lovely alliance has somthing amazing to offer you.
it is our glorious BlackOps fleet
going out almost on a daily basis wrecking havoc on evreything that moves Kill: Sister Anabelle (Orca) Kill: Reechter Askiras (Moros)

if you want to be part of this group of elites, you can!

if you are able to fly annything with a covert ops cloack you are more than welcome.

we want bombers, recons, hunting t3s, fuel trucks, stratioses and ofcourse BLOBS themselfs and if you are interested you can become FC

is this somthing for you to apear out of nothing, blow shit up and disapear in thin air. Please join our mailinglist "CO2 Black Ops"
ingame channel: CO2 Black Ops
also apply via the auth on discord

if you have questions, feel free to send those to mikal Rotineque or Bombrun

see you in fleet
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