2017-02-27 14:57:00

Re: FIRESALE in LBC- station in Scalding Pass
From: Seolfor
Sent: 2017.02.27 14:56
To: Olfeg,

Hi Mate,

Congrats on securing the LBC- station.

I have the following items, worth 2B ISK up for contract - for a 500M discount in the LBC- station

[Multiple Items] (Item Exchange)

Its basically a collection of T2/T3 ships (packaged), Gecko Drones and some Faction mods (and misc T2 mods)

Hope you or someone in your alliance finds them worth it.


PS: I have deleted the old contract, during the freeport i was able to get most of the expensive faction mods out )

Re: FIRESALE in LBC- station in Scalding Pass
From: Olfeg
Sent: 2017.02.22 17:15
To: Seolfor,


we are not holding LBC yet )

FIRESALE in LBC- station in Scalding Pass
From: Seolfor
Sent: 2017.02.22 13:44
To: Chaser Exenguine, fredd riddic, Olfeg, Santiel Rafazzi,

[Multiple Items] (Item Exchange)

Hi Spacefriends,

I understand you are the new owners and masters of the station LBC- in Scalding Pass.

Anyhow, im an old player that used to live in this station a couple of years ago, before i stepped away from the game due to IRL circumstances. A few months ago, i thought i would restart playing EvE and resubbed for 3 months and asked CCP to grandfather me to Jita (which they were happy to).

I unfortunately havent had the time to play EvE at all (as will be apparent from my zkill or any other activity), and have decided to let my sub lapse in a couple of weeks time.

I had already sold all my hulls to alliance mates prior to moving, but have left a single container with a LOT of faction mods in the LBC- station.

Id rather liquidate those assets, and turn the isk into PLEX over the next couple of weeks. With that in view, ive set up a public contract of the container.

As you yourself can appraise, the container has the following items, which evepraisal pegs at over 8.6B isk (NOT including the Machariel BPC)

I would be grateful if you can share the above link amongst your alliance, in case anyone wishes to grab these mods at a discount. I have put up the contract for 7.2B ISK i.e. an easy spread of over 1.5B to whoever buys those items.

Its either that or the items just sit their while my sub lapses and then i see what i can do with them whenever, in the future i resub (as im sure i will, the EvE itch, as im sure you can relate, comes and goes)




Im aware that evepraisal might not be giving many values (unknown results).

Evepraisal would be showing lots of 'unkowns' if youre just copy-pasting, due to the stupid 4-5 CCP gifts (goggles, tshirts etc), which are inside the container.

You can manually delete those entries when you paste and evepraisal will give you the appropriate estimate. Rest assured the contract items are over 8.6B
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