2017-02-27 20:27:00
Clarification: This program is for NEWLY ANCHORING CITADELS ONLY! The point is to avoid going through all the reinforcement timers to kill something, when instead we can kill it in one shot.

Also, per Quentin Decker, Feythabolis is now off the list of regions eligible for payout. CO2 pilots should avoid Feyth so that we don't initimidate our pampered renters :) Thanks for the hard work folks!

New Incentive Program
From: Beppe
Sent: 2017.02.27 20:03
To: Circle-Of-Two,

Introducing the new CO2 Coyote Control Program!

Everyone knows what a coyote is (no, not the human trafficker). They're nuisance animals that harass livestock, disrupt agricultral operations, and kill family pets on a regular basis. Back in my "home" state, coyotes were such a persistent problem that citizens were compensated monetarily for hunting coyotes. People were paid $50 per coyote killed, but they had to provide two proofs of each kill (ears and tail). No limit.

Well, we're on the verge of having an in-game coyote infestation in our own neighborhood. Various hostile entities, including but not limited to PL and Goons, are near our new home, and they would like nothing better than to kill your family pets. To curb this, we are implementing a new incentive program to help keep them in check.

ANY PILOT who scouts a neutral or hostile citadel anchoring, allowing us to kill it during it's first vulnerability period, will be provided an isk reward.

ANY PILOT who responds to and kills a hostile toaster will be provided an isk reward. The isk payout structure is listed below:

Payout for Scouted Citadels:
50 million isk per enemy citadel in Impass.
100 million isk per enemy citadel in Catch.

Payout for Entosis Kills:
50 million isk per hostile toaster killed (split evenly amongst those listed on the killmail).

Two proofs are required for these payouts to be distrubuted.
-For entosis kill payouts, a copy of the killmail AND a screenshot of the hostile entosis notification must be provided.
-For scouted citadel payouts, exact citadel location/time remaining must be provided AND a screenshot of the system the citadel is in.

All pilots interested in participating in this program should join the mailing list "Coyote Scouts", minus the "". Send a mail to this list with the above info and you will receive your payout within a few days. Any questions can be directed to any of the alliance FCs.

Good hunting!
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