2017-02-28 22:06:00

All fellow alliance miners, we SNAT are holding our weekly PAID mining op and as per usual I would like to invite you all to come take part.

We normaly have nice enjoyable op if the reds allow it :). Some chat in fleet which is nice or If you just want to quietly mine whilst earning iskies then thats just fine with us as well :D

Procurers and skiffs are prefered especialy if provi is busy (neuts & reds) but do feel free to bring hulks etc if you like when its safe.

Date, Time & location


I will be your foreman and time keeper for the op this week with my trusty right man Ivan Canticle helping to keep the op going smoothly. As per usual we will try our best to keep a decent boost running throughout the op, haul your ore away and will be watching all intel we can find to keep us safe. If needed scouts will be used. Scouting is also a paid role if its required. If its obvious that we are not going to manage to mine due to reds activities, the op will be called of or stopped but thats a last resort.

We be jet can mining using a mobile tractor unit and an enormous container may also be placed in the field so the faster mining ships like covetors or hulks can comfortably mine using them without having to wait for jettison timers to end.

We have changed the valuation process now for our op total and payouts. The reprocessed value of the ore is used. Perfect reprocessing gives us the best value we could get for you so. We have found this works out nicely for all miners by increasing all pay rates. Plus any ratting loot value is added and devided amongst all those taking part. All valuation is based on the best jita buy prices -10%

Payments will be made to miners wallets within 48 hrs of the op (24 usually)

Please DO say hi when you join the fleet and DO let us know if your leaving the fleet or afk etc so we can time keep and pay you all as fair as possible. lasers off/on will do :)

Fly safe guys and I look forward to seeing you soon :)

Equilibrium Templar
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