2017-02-28 22:25:00
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a. RULES are here. Please be aware we are tightening down own SRP claims with regards to improper fits (sensor boosters etc on fits with no sensor booters on the offical fit (esp if it compromises tank ) are going to be dined -look at the cerb and nms speficically)

b. Common Doctrines/and or Fitting currently lay here:

c. Plz refrain from filing for srp for ships you know will be declined. It makes unessary work for ppl who are trying to pay out ships. If you need help that badly speak to your corp ceo or directors and get them to give you isk.

d. IF you have a question about your srp claim you can feel free to mail myself, or the srp admin who processed your claim: plz remember to INCLUDE the line number from the spreadsheet in your mail to make it easier for use to it up for you. you can do this from the SRP Google doc Sheet

e. If you have any questions about SRP or SRP rules or polices you can feel free to post any questions IN the SRP section of the forums.

Plz do not be afraid to ask any questions in alliance or in your corp. The only way we can tell or know if you are having issues is to speak up. even if english is not your best language we have many ppl in cva who speak many different languages and can help you out. We are all here to help each other and to be better, do better, and strive to make CVA the best alliance in eve. As such WE can only help fix a problem if we know there is a problem.
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