2017-03-03 05:51:00
Hi guys,

These are the results of our little SNAT mining op held last night.

With a nice group Alliance miners in a various barges and a couple of orcas we managed to get quite a nice haul in without any real issues from reds apart from one who kept logging in and out in 18X. It was still a real nice 3 hour long fleet. Thanks guys you all did really well!

Share Calculations

These totals are calculated using on the value minerals we obtain once reprocessed with perfect reprocessing. The price of which are based on the current best buy order prices for each mineral in Jita. 10% is deducted by snat to cover things like hauling etc

Total Op mineral Value 532,537,773.47 isk -10%
479,283,996.12 isk to be shared
Paid to players 264,347,358.69 isk
Donations from players to Snat = 214,936,637.44 isk

I look forward to our next op where I hope to see you all again. Remember our mining ops are open to all alliance miners so please do feel free to come along, A mail will be sent out prior to the op advertising it so keep an aye on your inbox :)

Fly safe folks,

Equilibrium Templar
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