2017-03-04 18:43:00
What: Alliance Fleet Training
When: Sat 11/03/2017, 2000 ET
Where: From up in Y-F station
Doctrine: Rupture and Osprey (optional tackle)
FC: 1) MJ Greyleaf 2) Degarion Soth

Here is the short and the long of it:

Our recent fleet performance is appalling and we are finally going to do something about it.

Next weekend we are going to go on a roam. The goal is not to look for prey and get kills. The goal is to work on our discipline and polish up on the basics of fleet warfare. We will be going through some excercises, from the simple motions of anchoring and aligning, all the way through to broadcasting and comms etiquette. This is an Alliance Day Op so I am expecting as many people to show up as possible, whether you think you're an expert or a newbie.

Truth of the matter is that as an alliance we have grown soft around the edges (and this is coming from a full-time AFK carebear). As such it is going to do everyone much good - and save a lot of heartache in the future - if we all invest some time now into making sure we are all in top condition. This counts for both coalition fleets and home defense, as well as simply staying alive on a day-to-day basis.

I don't doubt that ACORD members have pvp experience, however we will not be playing gate games or dueling 1v1 on the sun. Fleets require a certain level of discipline and trust, topped up of course with a healthy dose of some common goddamn sense.

This will be a valuable experience for everyone, and if not, we will simply do it again.

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