2017-03-05 02:41:00
The following is the strongly suggested CO2 ballot for CSM XII (voting opens March 6th). Please vote using this ballot. The more people that follow this ballot the stronger our coalition ballot is as a whole.

#1 - The Judge
#2 - Sullen Decimus
#3 - Jin'taan
#4 - Innominate
#5 - Steve Ronuken
#6 - Capri Sun KraftFoods
#7 - Fawlty7
#8 - Scylus Black

You can find the candidates forum posts at

Why do we ask you to vote our ballot? We strongly believe that this ballot best represents CO2 and EVE. Numbers 1 through 5 are CSM XI members that are running for reelection. CSM XI revived the CSM and showed that the CSM can be useful (without drama!) and have shown that they have similar intentions and views as we do. Numbers 6, 7 and 8 offer a good balance of new candidates for the CSM to represent EVE.

The more people that vote our official ballot the better. At the very least, please vote for the first 3. Once you have voted on one account the list should populate with the same ballot for every other time you go to vote. Please, vote with all your subscribed accounts! Alpha accounts however cannot vote.
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