2017-03-05 06:36:00
Hi Everyone,

For those registered on Discord, you are aware Anger Kidd made an announcement on a new fortizar construction project that I am overseeing.

We are looking for alliance members to help with providing the PI materials needed to build the station. The link to the spreadsheeet is here:

Please do not contract ISK, materials are preffered. Contract all materials to myself SpaceTigerCross.

I will be updating the spreadsheet with who provided what for the project as I receive them.

Construction will take 29 days from the date we have all materials to build the station on hand.

Since this is an alliance project, the fortizar will be given to the holding corporation once it is completed.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

**IF someone could translate this into Russian, it would be much appreciated**

Thank you,

Nisus Corporation
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