2017-03-06 11:58:00
Heya Horde,
We need your help to win the CSM! If you are an Omega clone you get one vote per account, sadly if you are an Alpha clone you aren’t able to vote :(.

If you do not know what the CSM is have a look at this thread:

How to vote:
1. Click this link and login (if the url doesn't work try again later, ccp might have issues)
2. Search for the people listed below and put them in the following order
1. Kalbuir Skirate
2. Yukiko Kami
3. Sort Dragon
4. Vince Draken
5. Dancul1001
3. Add any other candidates you like or make adjustments, the above 5 give us the highest chances of getting on the CSM!
4. Press "Submit Vote"
5. Do this for each account you have.

Video Tutorial:

For more info you can check out this thread:

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