2017-03-06 12:36:00
@everyone Timestamp: 2017-03-06 12:32:47
From: Sort Dragon
To: coalition_pings
Ok Ladies and Gentleman. Voting is open.

Below is our coalition voting list. Please follow it if you can please. Otherwise just vote for me if you dont want to sit there and do it.

Each time you login to a new account it will save who you voted for on the previous account. Make sure you double check before hitting accept.

Here is our list.
1) Sort Dragon - Little old me.
2) Kalbuir Skirate
3) Dancul1001
4) Fawlty7
5) The Judge
6) Capri Sun KraftFoods
7) Yukiko Kami
8) Vince Draken
9) Killah Bee
10) Afropty

Get voting please this is really important. Direct all questions to me in coalition all. This will be pinged multiple times over the coming days!
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