2017-03-06 15:59:00
To vote, login to the eve site( ) then go here:
After you do the first account additional ballots will auto-fill.
Note, if you voted last year you may get last year's ballot populated at first. Double check before pushing vote.

Voting ends on March 26th.

Our CSM voting thread:

The Ballot:

1. Aryth - GSF - Returning CSM, First of the Jews.
2. Innominate - GSF - Returning CSM, He fucks Goons that fuck other Goons.
3. Sullen Decimus - Bastion - Returning CSM, One of the most effective of CSM 11 and one of us.

4. Jin'taan - Provibloc - Returning CSM, Young but solid.
5. The Judge - CO2 - Returning CSM, Our enemy in game but shares our vision of nullsec.
6. Suitonia - GSF - Just in case there's any votes left at this point they won't go to waste.

The previous CSM year, CSM 11, was one of reshaping the relationship with CCP. We don't know precisely where it went all wrong but the CSM had turned on CCP. Sometimes it is informative to look back upon the dramas of the past and reflect. The one thing that is common throughout is that the player-base turning on CCP is never good for EVE. It largely means that subscriptions fall and that can take years to recover from. So Innominate and I went in with one main agenda. Our goal was to reform the CSM as it was meant to be originally. We were around when the CSM came into being. Hell, I would argue Goons were the instigators of the CSM.

This year is about continuity of success. CSM11 was the great turnaround. Gone was the infighting, the pandering (mostly), the self absorbed, and the self interested (mostly). In the end CSM11 was one of the most successful ever. Given the circumstances with which it started I would argue it was THE most successful ever. Even our enemies were able to function above politics and act for the good of the game. These qualities are important to preserve and not allow to fall apart again. To ensure we continue upon this new heading our goal is to elect as many of the successful and levelheaded CSMs as possible.

Due to the way CCP has changed the limit to 10 members it dramatically changes the math. Symbolic slots, while a message, hold far less likelihood of receiving votes now. For that reason, and many meta ones, we are reducing our ballot to 6. Some of you may be shocked by a name or two on this list. We also do not expect vote trickle to anywhere near last year. Trust that this is the right move for the CSM and of course our own interests as well. A good EVE benefits us all. Your vote matters more this year than the previous few. Make sure to vote with each of your accounts one by one. We will have a handy link made as soon as we can.

Do your duty, fuck pubbies, Vote da Bloc.
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