2017-03-06 22:52:00
As some of you know, we have a Fly Fearless candidate in our Alliance, Toxic Yaken, who joined us during our conception as an entity seperate from TRV, and has since fought hard for not only us, but a friendlier in terms of PvP and Warfare highsec. Since I believe his campaign is for the good of rookie pilots in New Eden, I'd like to use this opportunity to pass along this message addressed to all of us. (Enclosed Below)

Fly Fearless,
Gai Heiyuu

CSM Vote!
From: Toxic Yaken
Sent: 2017.03.06 14:31
To: Gai Heiyuu,

Hello Fly Fearless, My name is Toxic Yaken and I’m running for CSM XII.Voting has opened today, and I’m counting on all of you for support to help me get elected to this year’s CSM. You can vote once per Omega account, as long as it was created in the last month, and can vote for up to 10 candidates. The rank at which you place the candidates will ensure your top ranked candidates will have a better chance to be elected. While I am hopeful of getting a spot this year under the Fly Fearless banner, I would recommend voting for a few other candidates as backups to ensure Highsec gets the focus from CCP that it deserves. #1 Toxic Yaken#2 Roedyn#3 Commander Aze#4 Jin’Taan The following players are all candidates that I respect and think would be an asset if I were to fall flat with my support. I hope that you can take the time to register your votes, and appreciate all the support you’ve already given me since joining. You can vote using the link below: Thank you, and fly fearless!Toxic
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