2017-03-07 01:41:00

With the game mechanics for carriers changed, the EVE community has embraced them and carriers have become the new battleships in New Eden. ALL CAPITALS IN GENERAL ARE THE NEW EVE META BUT CARRIERS ARE TRULY THE NEW BATTLESHIPS.

You can make ISK in a carrier, you can also use it in coalition fleet, you can transport ships, you can combat solo or in large fleets... They are extremely versatile. They are the new meta gaming standard.

We recently in GOTG coalition introduced carrier as combat doctrine and EVERYONE is encouraged to get into carriers.


-Armor carriers Thanatos-> Archon are our primary carriers of choice for coalition wide attack fleets. Thanatos being the absolute preferred cerrier of all 4 types right now.

-Shield carriers Chimera->Nidhoggur are the primary defense carriers for our space.

(Exact fittings see our main doctrine pages for all details:,33.0.html)

Mordus Angels industry wing will be making these carriers available to you at discount. SRP for carriers will also be prioritized and increased. So when your carrier gets blown up, you will get in a new one immediately without any delay or cost to you.

We in MOA will work towards a goal so EVERYONE can get into capital ship. We have the means and space and management to make this happen.

Train carriers, train dreads, train FAXs and get in them ASAP. We will USE THEM MORE AND MORE. THAT IS GUARANTEED!!! Our last battle is a catalyst for this major announcement and policy directive.

You will see more battles like this.

VERY IMPORTANT: When you get into your carrier or dread, MAKE SURE you are registered in our MOA Cap channels, GOTG Cap Channels so you don't miss the big battles. Poke Gen Eve or semoon47 to get you in.

See you out there in a capital ship blowing up the enemy from the space and having fun.

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