2017-03-07 18:40:00
Heya Horde,
Since I know many of you havn't voted yet.

You can vote here:

The order in which you put your candidates matters for the voting process.

If you don't know what to vote or can't be arsed to put in the time, for Horde the following ticket would be most beneficial:

1. Kalbuir Skirate
2. Yukiko Kami
3. Sort Dragon
4. Vince Draken
5. Dancul1001
6. Killah Bee

We added Killah Bee to the ticket, so if you havn't voted yet please consider voting for him too!

Learning more about the CSM:

If you want want to learn more about the CSM I advice you to watch this guest lecture on the CSM

If you wanna look at all the candidates for the CSM you can find them here:

There are a lot of interesting candidates out there beyond the six listed above and you have up to 10 spots to fill if you choose to do so.

If you have specific questions feel free to poke me on Discord or eve mail me.

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