2017-03-07 19:38:00
Ok somw quick updated.

Everyone who is alpha should have their home set to a Mehatoor station
As well as having
Infomorph Psychology trained to Lv 1.

Next you should travel to
Arveyil - The Dick Star (Chemonetic)
And set your Jumpclone there.

Now if you are omega. It should be home Set to Mehatoor or Dital. And jumpclones in Arveyil - The Dick Star (Chemonetic) as well as Mehatoor and even amarr.

As for wardecs. We are still in the intel collecting phase for Enka.

However we have decided to wardec The Intrepid Organisation so we can kill their citadel in Arveyil.

WE ARE DOING THIS THURSDAY MARCH 9th 2017. SO I NEED ALL your biggest and best ships to Arveyil - The Dick Star (Chemonetic) for the fight.

Other than that we need everyone to start brining BLUEPRINT COPIES of their favorite ships to Arveyil - The Dick Star (Chemonetic) so we can start building what we need for constant war.

DOCTRINE is ARMOR Prophecy Hurricane Augoror Exequror Blackbird

If you are brining out of doctrine ship. Try to make it missile long range or more EWAR/LOGI

RECRUIT MORE PLAYERS! We have a good core of people but we need about 5-10 more solid active pilots. Keep your eyes open. - Roxx
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