2017-03-07 22:09:00

Hello AVA

This mail is to announce that IE has decided to part ways with AVA and move on to something new. As I'm sure some of you have heard already we have decided to try out wormhole space. We have been helping out a corp in a C2 wormhole and they have welcomed us with open arms. Some of our pilots have decided to stay within the AVA ranks and we are sad to see them leave but WH space isn't for everyone. I want to extend a thank you to Syna and all of AVA command that I have been good friends with for the last year or so. Most of you don't know that we all used to be under one corp and have achieved great things from the days in provi. To all the pilots new and old in AVA keep fighting the good fight and I'm excited to see what you all achieve in the months to come. I have stated to Syna we will always be around and willing to help out if need be. We will stay in the AVA diplo channel and hopefully some of you will join our public channel to chat every now and then. We will be around for another week or two depending on all the logistics involved in moving out. Thank you everyone for the good times and much love to you all.

Druden Veestrome
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