2017-03-08 07:53:00

Time has come and this is not an easy decsion to make but it is time for Astroco to move on from boss. This was not easy for myself and Talon Frey to decide at all since we have been in Boss for over a Year now we have made many friends and lots of good times with Boss. Certain things have lead to us leaving but Please Stay Boss and Get a little Grin on your Face when you see that Kick ass Astroco Billboard add in station and say HEY I KNOW THOSE CAREBEARS

So in short Thank you for all the late night chats in comms and the good times to be had in Boss and letting Astroco into Boss when we were just a 50 man corp made up really of Talon Frey, me and all my alts and a few other dudes. We grew to the size of SF with the great times here in Boss. Please feel free to add me or any of my dudes as contacts that you have had a good time with while we were here in Boss. I hope bridges werent burnt with our choice and hope to see you in Space and feel free to hit me up in Discord

So Thank You for Letting me into Boss and Letting me be a part of it.

Tru Dark
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