2017-03-08 20:36:00
Hello everyone, Langoliers will be departing the Sixth Empire Alliance today around 21:00 UTC.

With the WH being shut down, and ingame activity levels within this alliance being poor at best, Langoliers will part ways with the Sixth Empire today. I have submitted to the wishes of leadership after fighting a hard uphill battle to keep the existing C2 intact. I do not hold any hard feelings towards anyone in the alliance, leaadership nor members. We thaught we were doing what was asked, this apparently wasn't the case.

Langoliers exited the WH at 02:00 today with all of its assets.
I am leaving the WH 2.5 Billion ISK positive from when we moved in.

In the AA corp hangers, there are currently 2 Billion worth the Hulls, Ammo, Mods, and Minerals in the Cit (Sancutary)
There are also Command Centers for PI.

The AA Wallet is 500 Million above what it was when I became a director of AA, thanks to excess Zydrine sales.

This is basically a turnkey corp.

I've enjoyed my time with this alliance, except for the last few days.

Kind Regards

Sweet Lief / Lambeau Field
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