2017-03-09 06:01:00
Citadel Kill Fleet tomorrow around 02:30 or 03:00 Eve Time.

We need 3 Logi and then the biggest baddest ships you can bring. Big Tank Big DPS.

Get everyone to the Island Early. And set up with JCs in the citadel.

Cold Iron Miners and Omys Corp have both wardecced Intrepid along with us. Im hoping for 15+ in Fleet.

Other than that. Im picking up 3 more pvp pilots tomorrow 2 brothers and their friend.

Omyfid Tetsukari is also working hard to get his corp and 2 others to officially join BSC.

Once they do we should have enough to sway Cold Iron and other groups on the island to officially join as well.

Once all thats set up I need people to step up for leadership roles cause at that point it will be a full blown alliance.

Lets see if we can make it happen gentlemen.
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