2017-03-09 14:30:00
So our war(s) we fought vs Troy Amarr and Co were rough, without a doubt, but it looks like they've decided to back off of us for now. But the wars they were participating in have ended, and we're not expecting them to return in the near future.

Furthermore, we've been stirring up a lot of interest in communities around us - other corporations have been reaching out to me and asking about our goals ideas and objectives. I expect this will lead to us gaining more corporations in our alliance, which will help buffer the inactivity streak we've seen this past week from the non-executive corporations.

(On that note, I'm doing an active corporation check - if you're a corporate CEO or Director, please mail me and give me an update of your corporation.)

We've recently obtained a new source of income that will help the corporation finances considerably. I'll not get into details, but it should relieve a lot of the strain leadership has been having trying to keep the corporation finances floating without leaning on the membership for donations. Remember, our 5% tax rate doesn't help us when you mine, station trade, sell, or do anything really besides incursions or missioning - so it's not really a viable source of income for a corporation hit by war as we have been. To be fair though, we had to get whipped good here soon - most of our wars have been crushing victories. This is a lesson to us, to continue to improve our mentality and pilots.

Our current focuses are going to become Mission Running, and Mining to rebolster our pilots finances in a safer setting, and as a corporation we're going to start offering new forms of buyback programs in an effort to keep the need for traffic to and from the trade hub to a minimum, especially by rookie pilots who aren't yet used to using neutral trade alts. We'd be more than happy to share these programs with our alliance members as well, but not without CEO permission, to prevent issues within your individual corporations. (Details of these programs will come in a later, corp mail)

The YDIW policy is to remain in effect (Again, MRMNG pilots only) and we're working on a way to secure the systems around where missions are done. Realizing how easy missions are with fleets, perhaps we should just use a warfleet to run missions in, both in and out of war, to make sure that we're always prepared for a dangerous situation. Remember guys - for every 2 DPS on grid, bring one Logi. Buffer tank, and work as a team. It will only make us stronger. Normally people use expensive shield tanked blingy ships, and run missions solo - THIS IS THE META. We here at Fly Fearless say, FUCK THE META. The META gets people killed.

Remember guys. You came here to learn, and came here to be a part of something better. You need to trust in your leadership to show you a new path, to new Eden. Afterall - if the old way works so good, why are we succeeding without it?

Fly Fearless,
Gai Heiyuu
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