2017-03-09 22:04:00
Now that the drama's over, I want to make sure that everyone knows that we'll be moving out of the wormhole shortly. If you have any alts or ships in Sanctuary, you can fly them out, or deliver/contract to me or Hulk and we'll get them to Amarr.

We'll be opening up another alliance wormhole system in a while, probably moving in with some long-standing blues. We'll make sure to plan it better, make sure that the wormhole fits in well with 6th Empire overall, and have the goals clearly stated before opening up the wormhole.

As w-space isn't one of our recruiting channels, for the time-being at least, wormhole ops will be focused more on getting established 6th members comfortable with living in w-space. There will be more details on training sessions, move-in plans, &c. as we get closer to that time, but we hope that you'll be willing to all at least give w-space a (well supported) try.
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