2017-03-10 13:37:00

One of the biggest weekly events will have something special - a titan kill.

We'll form up Ninjas for it and help kill it, while Spectre Fleet's going to be forming to initially defend it. They will be staging in Osmon. All parties are invited, so this is going to be a cluster.

Q. What are the fits?
A. Use sensor boosters and missile guidance on your bombers, go for long range sniping. If you remember the last titan event, our bombers took the last blow. Kill: Stufico (Erebus)

Q. Where are we coming from?
A. Coalition staging/KeepStar.

Q. Can I join the Spectre fleet?
A. Yes, you can. Obviously, neglect to shoot us. More information will be here:

Q. Any support ships needed?
A. I need dedicated combat probers plus covert cynos.

Q. Comms?
A. We may use SLYCE comms to reduce ts3 overload on coalition ts3. Will let you know.

If you can find me wormholes to low sec/high sec near Forge or Lonetrek areas -- it would be great!



P.S. Hi mom! On eve-skunk.
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