2017-03-10 21:40:00

Funeral Fleet for Bekir
From: HiddenFlaw
Sent: 2017.03.10 21:39
To: T Ross,

It is with a heavy heart that i come to you today. The former members of Red Tsunami learned this morning that or corpmate and friend napaCeN (real name Bekir) passed away on Febuary 13th. He had had heart surgery at the end of 2016 and was doing better. We do not have the details but please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers

If you don't know who napaCeN was he always flew the Vindicator to rat in. He was a great guy and an awesome friend. He had a tendency to fly drunk and once got lost in x-6 attacking "nuets" ( custom offices and the station ) in a frigate.

T Ross and HiddenFlaw would like to put together a proper send off for him by leaving a trail of death through space. Due to my current schedule eating up my weekends we are planning this for the weekend of May 6th.

Thisfleet will hopfully be comprised of the majority of the Legio De Mortem pilots and as many other coalition pilots as we can muster. We most likely wont be able to SRP this fleet as we are hoping for a massive turn out and as many Faction and T2 ships as possible our stated goal of this fleet is "HiddenFlaw > i dont want us to get whelped in the first encounter unless they have to drop a cap fleet to kill us"

Please anyone and everyone who is able prepare for this and let's give a good friends the send off he deserves. I will also be Recording this fleet and posting it to youtube to honor him.

Fly Dangerously boys,

For Bekir
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