2017-03-11 08:19:00

Slyce Weekly Roam
From: Morathia
Sent: 2017.03.11 02:20

Hello Fellow Slycers.

This sunday we will be taking a arty cane roam out to face horde and friends in a friendly brawl. I need as many bros as i can get in main ships as we are a Heavy Alpha doctrine.
To this end i have had 50 canes built and fit them up in CCP Keepstar feel free to grab one for yourself and your corp mates if u want.

i will also be needing LOTS of Logi and a few screening T3D/Command dessies as always Alpha clones will be in ewar frigs such as maulus vigils griffin et al.

Cane contracts are up for 100m and i have almost 40 remaining. if you want to grab multiple please pm me so i can make an individual contract to you. in the meantime i will see you all tomorrow for the Titan kill event

What: Canes
Where:CCP ( ships on contract with 30 extra in hanger)
When: Sundary 19:00
Why: good fights and practice :)

If anyone has the urge to record it please feel free and let me know so i can watch it and share it.

if you have any other questions Eve-mail me or poke me on slack
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