2017-03-11 11:53:00
Dear all,

Are you an industrial, trader or just someone looking to make some ISK? :)

Then I got the perfect job for you, seed alliance contracts in ZAU!

The process is simple, you buy or build a ship like a hurricane, you fit it and then you put it on alliance contracts in ZAU.

What we need:

Battlecruisers: T2 Hurricane / Ferox / Brutix Brawler (pls add t1 guns/ammo on ZAU market)
Cruisers: AVA Caracal / AVA Rupture / Moa / Osprey / AVA Scythe (pls add t1 guns/ammo on ZAU market)
Interceptors: Arty Claw / Taranis / Raptor long point / Stiletto (feel free to add more types, fits)
Bubbles: Sabre
Support: Keres / Kitsune + T1/T2 logi (Scimitar)
Others: Arty Trasher / Harpy web+point

The above are some examples, feel free to talk with FCs and pilots for more ship types. You can also make your contracts public so that Steel and other blue can buy from you! Feel free to add a mark-up so it's worth your time, but remember you are selling to alliance mates.

We need to have a constant stream of pvp ships on alliance contracts, start small and build up. Don't forget to advertise your ships so people are aware.

Also don't hesitate to engage random reds with the proper counter: Kill: Luken Da-killa (Thrasher)

Fly dangerously!

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