2017-03-12 15:46:00
Guys, we're missing out on all the fun, this is what I see.

1) GoTG has a fleet out in Fade with 5 MOA guys in fleet
2) Coalition Discord pings for Dread, Dreads, Dreads.
3) GoTG didn't get enough capital support, so we didn't have enought to drop Dreads. :( Project Mayhem steal the kills. :( Sort Dragon isn't happy.
4) Discord #coaliation_all shows 87 MOA in channel, #capital only shows 11. Hence my statement, we're missing out on all the fun !!!!
5) MOA has 85x in MOA Alliance chat, and 17x in MOA Capital Fleet chat

So, here's what we need to do.
1) Get in coalition Discord - GoTG how to register forum, discord
2) Capital pilots, make sure you in MOA Capital Fleet channel (or mail semoon47 if you need access rights)
3) Capital pilots make sure you're registerd in coalition Discord #capital - Capital pilots GoTG registration. Mail Jokelerie when you do as he'll approve your application.
4) MOA CEO's talk to your guys, make sure people register, and move their stuff up to the CCP and the ISK factory
5) Getting guys into Discord is the priorty at the moment, our showing is poor and we're missing all the fun
6) If you need help ask - there are lot of people who will help

Background reading
- Horde just lost 107bn ISK and 271 ships with only 7% efficiency - we missed the fight
- Horse lost 15 Roquals killed in Fade today !!! We're not on any of the kills.


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