2017-03-13 02:18:00

just reminding everyone to do this We would like to have a Balanced csm this year and only way to insure that is makeing sure these guys get on the ticket so thank you in advance for your votes
CSM and you
From: MissMary Thornbush
Sent: 2017.02.28 23:24
To: Brothers of Tangra,

BOT-NC-PL picks for the March 6th vote we would fully encourage you all to take part in the vote and we would completely appreciate your support for these 3 people who we will be voting for from our alliances they all have a vast amount of 0.0 experience and many years of experience in this game.

you can read about them here !!

1 Vince Draken

2. Dancul1001

3. Killah Bee

thank you for takeing time to read and voteing

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