2017-03-15 23:17:00
Guys, the guys who lived in our new Deklein Sov (The Walking Deads Ex Moose Federation) have a number of Citadels in our space. They've not been setup with Coalition access rights, and some of you know them as your alts, and Trucks R Us can't currently dock there). I've been "chatting" to their CEO about this.

However, none of this matters, because they are all being unanchored and they are being removed from MOA space. So, remove your stuff over the next few days, certainly don't have it in they by Tuesday next week unless you want to use the asset safety feature to deliver to another Citadel/Station in the same system. Be nice to them, they are part of our Coalition.

Here's a list of what they are unanchoring. if you would like to purchase one of these Citadles/EngComplexs, drop me a mail and i'll put you int touch with them. But be warned, they are not discounting or MOA would have purchased the lot !

Astra YZ-UKA-YZ-UKA - Mouse's House of Pain
Azbel YZ-UKA-YZ-UKA - Fully Operational Deathstar
Astra 85-B52-85-B52 - The Big House
Astra E-FIC0-E-FIC0 - MOE`S
Astra ZOYW-O-ZOYW-O - Home baby Home
Astra ZZZR-5-ZZZR-5 - Sleepy Time
Fortizar 3QE-9Q-3QE-9Q - The Office
Astra MXX5-9-MXX5-9 - The Stable


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