2017-03-19 21:15:00
basically Rock Onzo : WWW Orca tackled

Re: Giving Intel
From: NU77Y8UDDY
Sent: 2017.03.19 21:13
To: Rock Onzo,

yep i do it like (www NU77Y8UDDY - Skiff - Bika ) is that right?
Giving Intel
From: Rock Onzo
Sent: 2017.03.19 21:05
To: Warped Intentions,

Dear All

There have been some issues on comms, yes i know this is stupid but please can you please try and give clear and concise intel ie:

if you are being engaged pls say in fleet (engaged and WWW ) or if you are on comms please say being engaged and your location

If you are engaged on a gate please say sytem you are in and which gate you are on ie dital on the KBP gate.

The better the intel we give the better the chances are of getting help, I know the cursing on comms doesn't help anyone but I do understand why it happens so let's please do our best to give the correct intel.

I know it isn't warped members all the time so let's just try and make sure it doesn't happen again.

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