2017-03-20 03:22:00
Rabble Rabble ;)

btw this would make our Azbel in X-6 redundant so we can try to sell it to help out the guy whos Hel/isk was stolen.


Sotiyo & Rigs
From: Ludwig Fossheim
Sent: 2017.03.20 02:34
To: Tywin Harkonen,

Hey Everyone,
Well since the last time we discussed the Sotiyo months ago it has been rehashed and ready to start building. Currently we have All the BPC's to make both Sotiyo and 3 Rigs;
Standup XL-Set Structure and Component Manufacturing Efficie...
Standup XL-Set Equipment and Consumable Manufacturing Effici...
Standup XL-Set Ship Manufacturing Efficiency I Blueprint
The future placement will be in F76-8Q, Tax's will be low but as we will be working on keeping this fuel'd it wont be free. Thanks for your help please contact me Ludwig Fossheim, or
Snow Annages, Tywin Harkonen. if you have any questions. You can contract what you can to me and it will be enter'd into the spreadsheet. Thanks again

Ludwig Fossheim

Contaminated Nanite Compound 194,400 LOCAL
Contaminated Lorentz Fluid 324,000 LORDE AREA -- Going to set up buy orders
Defective Current Pump 324,000 LORDE AREA -- Going to set up buy orders
Smashed Trigger Unit 324,000 LOCAL
Tangled Power Conduit 324,000 LORDE AREA -- Going to set up buy orders
Damaged Artificial Neural Network 324,000 LOCAL
Tripped Power Circuit 97,200 LOCAL
Charred Micro Circuit 324,000 LOCAL
Fried Interface Circuit 291,600 LOCAL
Conductive Polymer 324,000 LORDE AREA -- Going to set up buy orders

Tritanium 337,825,000
Pyerite 43,607,000
Mexallon 15,262,450
Isogen 1,733,240
Nocxium 324,983
Zydrine 151,659
Megacyte 63,869

Integrity Response Drones 1,280
Nano-Factory 1,933
Organic Mortar Applicators 1,473
Recursive Computing Module 1,291
Self-harmonizing Power Core 1,016
Sterile Conduits 1,465
Wetware Mainframe 1,056
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