2017-03-22 05:55:00
Today Marrowbone the leader of Hades was in our Discord to introduce herself and invite us to join them in their current war down in Wicked Creek. They are almost allways outnumbered so any help we can provide will be appreciated even if its nothing but cancer frigates.
If you use the Doctrine Fits and fly in their fleets they will give us SRP. The SRP program works with Insurance. This means that you insure the ship and they will pay the rest of your loss. You must be in a fleet with them led by one of their FC's to get the SRP.

to get started join their ingame chat channel in the MOTD at the bottom you will see a link to get authorized on their TS and services. Do this and if you have problems we will assist you. but try and do it and at least get started. This will also give you access to their Doctrines and Fits.

Team Speak is important to get set up. It is required to properly use a Logi Wing. So if you want to PvP get teamspeak working, Discord is not suitable.

Here are some TRI Doctrines which are very close to Hades doctrine's if not the exact same, any differences will just be some minor module swaps.

Mainline DPS

TRI - Mach
TRI - Rattlesnake RHML
TRI - Gila


TRI - Basilisk - Ospreys are allowed if you cant fly the Basi.
TRI - Guardian

Support ships ( these are difficult to fly and only a few are needed per fleet so talk to the FC before flying one of these )

TRI - Huginn
TRI - Lachesis

Interceptors and Interdictors are allways needed and any type are accepted.

So guys if you like to PvP this is a great chance to get a taste and practice for the big fleet fights, and to really help our friends and allies in HADES

so check those doctrines out and start traing for anything you need and lets mount up and kill some stuff !


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