2017-03-22 20:15:00
Hey guys,

#NoSnobs fleet going up on Friday evening, 22:00 eve at C-V6DQ - Guys, I lost my Atron with me as FC.
This is a training fleet, the objective is we get in to a fight together and die together.
Mistakes are mandatory.
Most of this mail is aimed at newer players. Don't think I'm being condescending (that means that I think you don't understand simple words)

*Drummmm roll please* ships will be SRP-ed as long as you follow the rules:
1. Buy a doctrine ship, swap out any modules you can't use for T1 meta variants, that includes guns, drones the works. Don't change the underlying fit thats all.
2. Platinum insure your hull
3. Die in a fiery blaze of space explosion
4. Send me your KM
5. I send you isk

[-D0-] Vexor
- Mainline DPS
Deus Vult. - Logi - Logi (MAX LOGI PILOTS if we have a 2:1 vexor:osprey ratio I'll be happy)

Can't fly big boy ships?
Deus Vult. - Griffin ECM Frig

Got mad solo tackle skills?
Couple of Sabres and Intys pl0x

We'll go through all this as we fly
Learn how to use watch list, where the fleet broadcast window is and how to broadcast for shield
Never don't jump not early

If you die, you're winning

See you there,

Matthieus Damon / Benjamin Afflick
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