2017-03-22 21:36:00
Greetings -Entropy-!

Omen Industries is fleeting up on this friday, we're quite aware of the short notice but if you're around on 24th of March 22:00 Eve Time you're more than welcome to join us in Sirkahri. The durations of these fleets ends whenever we feel satisfied or tired but the estimated time is 3-5 hours. Your participation does not have to be 3 hours you can come and go whenever you wish.

Don't know what to bring?
Any mining vessal is alright, Venture, Mining Barges or Exhumers, fly whatever that can chew roids and what you have skill for. If you do have the skills but not the ship we already have fitted Covetors, T1C and T2C. There are spare modules so you can fit these covetors however it fits your skills.

What will we get out of it?
We'll get ISK obviously, you'll earn according to your time participation in the mining fleet. The corporation will take 20% of the profits from the ore that we mine and the fleet will split the rest 80% of the profits. These profits can take a few days to get after the event, be patient.

Nothing is mandatory so do not worry, if you are not available, we understand. We'll be using discord during this fleet, not for anything serious just for a good laugh and a more enjoyable night/evening/day.

If you got any questions don't hesitate, ask Zasha Vuntali Amatin either by mail or in chat

Till then

- Fly safe and take care!
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