2017-03-23 01:14:00

We have joined the GOTG coalition recently for 2nd month now and we have ENEMIES AT THE GATE AGAIN! We must be famous!

First it was PL who we sent home packing after their fruitless attempts to eliminate us in glorious GFs and now it is the "pro" TRI. TRI comparing to PL is lightweight; however, they have brought with themselves some serious hardware. TRI had moved in at the edge of our space in Venal being in reach of all of Branch and Deklein. You all have seen recently explosion in numbers of CTAs and STRAT OPPs and timers and that is because we are hitting TRI so hard that even their name is swollen. We are destroying everything they put up, from astrahouses to fortizars to their staging and moon POSs. All they have done is complained in social media and cried salty tears. We want to send TRI home packing as soon as possible and secure our home again. We already kicked them out of N-54 and they moved back in PF- in Venal. We will kick them from the north very quickly at this rate.

So keep paying attention on CTAs and join mandatory fleets. Plenty KMs and salty tears to be had till we force TRI packing for home.

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