2017-03-24 03:30:00
I am excited to annoucne the new Eclipse Buyback!
We are buying everything at 90% of Jita buy.
We are selling everything at 100% of Jita buy or moving it to HS and selling it there.
Our goal is to keep as many items in pocket as we can to help our industrial core become stronger faster and reduce the wear and tear on the Jump Freighter pilots.

Full detials on Alliance Bulletin Page.

Short List:
500mil Max Contracts.
All Contracts in NU4 Station other than Ore, that needs to be in the Astrahus.
No Ice for now.
If you want to buy things let us know.
Create contract to Eclipse Buyback. with 0 ISK as payment and set 14 days.

If you have questions after that please refer to the bulletin.

We hope to help you stay liquid and fuel the machine!

Zero Gotime
Jadis Anda Heapsters
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