2017-03-25 13:50:00

Hi guys,

These are the results of our little SNAT hosted mining op held on Thursday night.

With a small group of alliance miners we managed to get a nice litle haul if ice mined. Well done guys! Reds came and left a few times but we managed to avoid them by keeping a close eye on all the intel available.

I just want to say Thank you to all those Alliance players that are always reporting any intel they see, and all those brave pilots that chase down and tackle the enemy every chance they get. It makes Providence a real fun place to be. Our mining ops, hauling and and industry to be honest would be almost impossible without your efforts Thanks guys, it matters!

Share Calculations

These totals are calculated using on the value of ice we mined. The price of which is based on the current best buy order prices for each ice in Jita. 10% is deducted by snat to cover things like hauling etc

Total Op mineral Value 156,306,219.06 isk -10%
140,675,597.15 isk to be shared
Paid to players 20,869,456.72 isk
Donations from players to Snat = 119,806,140.43 isk (snat thanks you greatly for your support)

I look forward to our next op where I hope to see you all again. Remember our weekly mining ops are open to all alliance miners so please do feel free to come along, So keep your eyes out for the adverts in Alliance chat and your inbox :)

Fly safe folks,

Equilibrium Templar
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