2017-03-25 15:30:00
Hello Poples!
We have a huge opportunity today for some publicity. Diogenes is a gent I met via the Eve Online Facebbok group who is doing a research project on the nature of friendship in online games. Eve struck his interest due to the naturally distrustful nature of our world.

He has an interview scheduled in our TS at 1900. I want to have everyone be on who can, and regale him with our best Magic of Friendship stories. How did you get into eve, how has it shaped you, how did you end up here, and how awesome the pope is! Lets welcome him, and make this a feature in his machinima.

Oh did I not mention that? hes making a video including audion and clips. come be famous with the sixth Empire and Dio!

TL;DR: TS at 1900. Get in. Be Awesome.
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